The latest production from the Blender Foundation is out!

October 2, 2010

Impressive short movie sponsored by the donations of the “community” (i.e. thousands of people throughout the Internet) in order to promote the usage of   open source 3D application “Blender“. This application comes along with many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu.

“The Durian Open Movie Project” is the third short movie produced by the Blender Foundation after “Elephant’s Dream” and “Big Buck Bunny”.

As usual the purpose was to achieve something very different from what had already been done in the past.

The main character – “Sintel” – is a warrior girl in search of a injured baby dragon she rescued….check out the rest of the story on the following link.

The movie was released at the Netherlands film festival in Utrecht on 27th September 2010. It’s available in many different formats all including subtitles :

  • MP4 stereo
  • MP4 Surround 5.1
  • and OGV

or check it out on youtube.


Une histoire de développement durable…

August 7, 2009

Echauffements Climatiques

Au théatre Fontaine, un groupe de comédiens met en scène avec une bonne dose d’humour et de cynisme une pièce – “Echauffements Climatiques” – portant sur le “développement durable”. La pièce est vraiment d’actualité ! A voir !

The Prestige (2006)…the latest Christopher Nolan’s

January 25, 2008

Well…definitely not as a good movie as Memento (2000) from the same director but pretty entertaining all the same!

The Prestige is all about the rivalry between two characters – Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale – which makes you hold your breath till the very last frame of the movie.

Using the Tesla technology and mystery in the background was a good move especially as that name is used nowadays by a car manufacturer called Tesla Motors which is making electric sports cars…

“Chacun sa croix”, une pièce qui vaut le détour (par le Jura)

January 25, 2008
Affiche du spectacle

Chacun sa croix, une pièce qui fait penser à un Don Camillo version petit village du Jura…mais plus moderne ! Il s’agit de sauver un village de l’exode rurale qui est tant d’actualité.

Les acteurs sont tous très crédibles et le curé est un fin stratège…

Excellente mise en scène et vraiment drôle !

Pour une bonne soirée “renforcement des abdos”, je ne peux que vivement la recommander !

Un spectacle à ne pas manquer !!!

November 12, 2007

Un duo de choc pour une critique acerbe de la société de consommation dans leur dernier spectacle au Théatre de la Main d’Or tous les mardis à 20h30. Bravo pour cet excellent moment de détente !



March 31, 2007

300 (2006): An interesting and violent movie relating the story of Sparta – the Greek military state – entirely devoted to military training or more accurately a short story about a Spartan king protecting from Persian invasions his own people.

The colours on the screen were in pale shades of red and brown – no it wasn’t my eyesight! – and the characters had highlights of beige and grey making them look like characters ripped right out from a comic book.

For those of you with a sense of humour…here’s a Simpson’s version of the 300 trailer…

An interesting wine web site

March 22, 2007

I came across this wine web site and discovered a lot of great features such as being able to set up my own wine cellar, making the right choice about how to store the wine and so on…